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Come to see sometimes when the time comes having no

lucky fill every day.Is very self-contradict in Zhang Yu Xin:If don,t win money, that later how does oneself develop his/her own influence.Not is say to build up one to belong to his/her own dynasty.Take care of his, greatly not lose for a day and win for a day, lose a little bit little, win to order more.It is so all right.Hence Zhang Yu beat to settle simultaneously train for physical fitness, strengthen own real strenght, part win money and lay the foundation of a little for oneself later development to the game hall.The lesson in morning is very quick past.Deng Yun according to practice of again make Zhang Yu have a meal.However Zhang Yu this time Authentic NFL Jerseys pays.Because is not likely to always make the other people invite you.2 people had a meal, the peace Be often similar to gamble to the game hall.Zhang Yu has already beaten good idea today and lost a point to him, tomorrow get back.And Zhang Yu also has a plan, because the game hall isn,t only an either, he intends the time in evening go to another 1 again to make back, and still small smallly win a point.Tomorrow is time wins a point here and loses a point over there.Then continue thus, change once a week.Zhang Yu bought 100 currencies and all threwed into, Deng Yun also bought 100 currencies.Zhang Yu didn,t be like sealed to note so before of pressed, but pressed several 12 hands of running pretty muches first, then added to note, not medium again added to note, continuously added to note, not and in a short while, Zhang Yu finishes losing these 100 pieces.Zhang Yu didn,t buy, because of today he originally be come to lose.Losing is many not just similar.Arrive at a Deng Yun this place, Deng Yun still just wager, see his[one] extremely proud of success appearance knowing that he won a lot."Bean sprout, wins much better, see your mouthses all smile slanting."Zhang Yu asks a way."Ha ha, don,t win a lot of, won 300 many, won 1 to speed, I pressed 100 much cent, the behind lost to order to return to again."Deng Yun says with smile."That walked match.About."Zhang Yu saw Deng Yun also won and then receive him to walk."Boon, all right.Walk."Said and then pressed to back currency key.After Deng Yun converted money, two one people bought a bottle of water to walk toward school.On the road, Zhang Yu and Deng Yuns say:"Bean sprout, win many for these two days.""Boon, won 500 many."Deng Yun says with smile."Controling breath is badly really good."Zhang Yu smiled to smile to say."Boon.Yes.I invite you to go out to play on Sunday."Deng Yun says to Zhang Yu.", Come to see sometimes when the time comes having no."Does Zhang Yu think that

But consider that oneself exactly should go to game hall and win money

basically doesn,t know these."Boon, good.The hurrying opens for me."Zhang Yu finishes saying and then feels his/her own body ascend a sink.Then break to open and 9527 contact.Slowly walk toward house.It is tired.It is angry.The difficulties that Zhang Yu finally realized to toughen.The text chapter 6 side toughens, the side makes money.Next several days inside, Zhang Yu all at painful mid-degree lead.Finally today 9527 remind he already can under the circumstance of one file free activity."9527, that now give me the adjustment for a while.Change into 60 catties of gravities."Zhang Yu knows that the body is the capital of revolution, now bitterness point hereafter lead so much."Okay, host."Zhang Yu feels that the gravity on his/her own body seems to be a little bit in addition after 9527 answers.Zhang Yu breaks to open and 9527 contact.Slowly come downstairs, walk toward school.Zhang Yu has already canned be light to loosely come downstairs now.Though added 10 catties now, but Zhang Yu has no much don,t adapt to.Bottom of the building come, Zhang Yu hasn,t felt tired, however walk to arrive halfway of time, Zhang Yu feels his/her own leg seem a few days ago similar infused a lead ground, lift to all can not lift up.Leaned on a part to take a rest in a short while, let 9527 replied 1* dint.Zhang Yu continues to go forward, although having a little is tired,Zhang MLB Jerseys Yu passes a few days ago of toughen, the body has already had certain foundation as well.So he is to take a rest to is a school for a while.What Zhang Yu panted noisily sits on own seat, opens just- bought water and infused several eloquences to come to a stop.Slowly wait for replying of oneself is physical strength.Because 9527 reply although the physical strength is quick,this can not toughen replying of oneself is body ability, Zhang Yu knows that oneself always can not depend on each time 9527.Sat after ten minutes, section 2 lesson finally started.Because while coming, Zhang Yu at the right moment section 1 lesson class is over.Zhang Yu has never listenned to the teacher prelect, but consider that oneself exactly should go to game hall and win money, because of every day win affirmation will draw the observant and conscientious person is attention.Say lucky, that also impossibly all

Then by hand compared than

more than ten rices.This NHL Jerseys makes Zhang Yu is very depressed.This was the athletics teacher to walk to come over."Zhang Yu, this throws shot put is speak technical.Come, I come to teach you the posture and method for throwing shot put."Say to picked up a shot put."The shot put sticks tight neck, left and right hands parallelism, the person goes toward the right side bottom and slices to record, the person descends go to can deliver dint, there is like this also adding speed and rebound dint, then making an effort of fling out."Say athletics the teacher give°ed the shot put to throw to go out and saw the athletics teacher is in that manner is knowing don,t use with all strength.Zhang Yu Zhi sees shot put fly to go out a while, then on seeing, surprised Be getting more foolish.Incredibly fling out to go to 12 meters.And still useless with all strength."Teacher, you before is did shot put?""Boon, yes."The athletics teacher says with smile.", Teacher, that you must definitely lead a lot of prizes."Zhang Yu asks a way."Do not calculate a lot as well.You do well."Finished saying and then lefted, seemed to be not to want to lift a past affair.Zhang Yu recalled the posture that 1* teaches a teacher, then by hand compared than, shone on the shot put in the posture handle knob to throw to go out.Result indeed as expected is consumedly progress.Took a look own result, incredibly come to a 8 meters.This canned be farer many than Football Jerseys previous five meterses.Zhang Yu very the interest courageously flicked to throw a fist a head.However, don,t throw several bottoms, Zhang Yu felt the arm is painful severe, the dint all had no.Do the strength of raising the ball to all lack.Zhang Yu shook to shake head, dark sigh to do athletics indeed as expected very tired.Zhang Yu stopped down, sat on the wooden bench of part and crumpled aching arm of oneself.After taking a break, and then continue to practice.All say ten thousand matter beginnings difficult.This not, indeed as expected is so, Zhang Yu throws so throw.Threw for about a hours, at last and really is don,t go of time, athletics the teacher declare that toughenning of today ended.Zhang Yu trails exhausted body to prepare to go home.By this time he again thought of he should give° the gravity system to open now.Let oneself toughen again himself/herself, much and much make oneself attain his/her own extreme limit.Then continuously break.Then continuously MLB Jerseys progress."9527 open gravity system for me."Zhang Yu contacts ascend 9527 say."Host, why the need for want me to come to open each time, not is have a switch?"9527 say.Listenning to the tone that he talks still have some is impatient."9527 you have to make to know exactly who is host, who is a servant."Zhang Yu isn,t very great."Like well, the host is all my wrong.I am getting wronger.I am a servant, I am a servant."9527 hurriedly admit mistake.Because train to take is the machine soul that can not need to there is intelligence.(In fact, current of 9527 have oneself the ability for independently considering, but general of does the Xun do have no this kind of has an intellectual machine soul, is all host to release what carry out what.But as the host who train, there is an ability killing to put out a machine soul.)But his worry to is superfluous.Zhang Yu

"The athletics teacher instructs a way

Deng Yun goes to the invitation of wagers again and arrived at a school of*field, found out an athletics teacher, expressed that oneself wants to do athletics."It is all right.However must hard do."The athletics teacher instructs a way."Boon.I knew.""Like, that you go first to warm up.Round first*the field run several turns."The athletics teacher says."."Zhang Yu has already promised 1 to start running.Zhang Yu hurtled to go out a while.Starting two turns of time is still light loose, although just did under the circumstance of gravity system one file for a few hours, this is complete to catch up other people to do for a week under the normal condition.Run the time of arriving the third half slowly, Zhang Yu feels that the thirsty tongue is getting drier.Give vent to anger not to go, open mouth, connect to absorb several tones.Endured the mind for coming to a stop, continued to run.Run run of, Zhang Yu canned not stood any further in the fourth time.Basically have never seen athletics teacher is beckoning with the hand to signal hint him to stop to him.Finally, Zhang Yu comes to a stop and directly sits on the ground.Is big of admire spirit.The athletics teacher sees Zhang Yu don,t run and came over here to say:"Zhang Yu, have you never seen me to call you past?Hurry, toughenned in the past."Zhang Yu didn,t°yet slowly lead spirit come, but since worked well to toughen own plan to have no necessity to loaf on job.Stood to get up a while, followed athletics, teacher to walk to the device room."Come, Zhang Yu, throw first in a short while shot put, do your arm dint."Arrived device room, the athletics teacher took out a few shot puts to say to Zhang Yu.".Good."Zhang Yu takes shot put to walk toward place.This shot put one is 5 kilograms.Do arm dint and explosion dint.Throw a few balls Authentic NFL Jerseys all on the ground, picked up a , the right hand tries to try and took a look other is throwing Authentic NFL Jerseys the person is posture of shot put, follow useful dint to go toward outside on throwing, the ball went out, a perfect parabola.However result make people disappoint, throw because of shot put to go out five meters probably are far.Zhang Yu tooks a look others, that isn,t a point stronger than him the least bit.The somebody else differs most of is all 7 meters for throwing.Well there are