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Domestic luck-of 7 airplanes the factory and already set try to fly an etc

Person file
Zhang Yu Mei, Hebei settles interest county the person was born chanel handbags in March, 1945 and enlisted in July, 1965 and became in 1984 our country air force the first female try to fly a member.The successive holder flies student, airplane pilot, medium captain, vice- big captain and try to fly jobs like member,etc.Be given by the air force one class airplane pilot, the aircraft industry head office gives a special grade airplane pilot.Was successively outstanding to complete forest to extinguish fire, artificial rain, chanel bags rob insurance rescue, airdrop to parachute, organize into teams to match to do, "873" aviation electronics comprehensive system and GPS spoil the satellite of leading the system to navigate, domestic luck-of 7 airplanes the factory and already set try to fly an etc. task, the safety flies for 3124 hours.Promoting for the positive regiment job in March, 1987 is given a group captain soldier title in September, 1988.

Once winning oneself

On February 25, 1995, after completing the safe flight in oneself the 3124th hour, about 50 years old of she stipulates to formally "stop and fly retirement" according to the age.That day, Zhang Yu Mei is eye contains hot tears, the hand is tiny to shiver, slightly clap an airplane of fuselage, slightly stuck a face up ……
At Zhang Yu Mei is in home, the husband is to try to fly a member, seek for the only daughter of the object is to try to fly a member.The whole family has a reunion each time, their topics always can not get away from to try to fly or fly.
But the disease is evil to again condescend to come on her.On January 18 this year, the Zhang Yu Mei old man who be surrounded by the honor left human life."Is a person is the most difficult to win of usually is he or she, once winning oneself, you are also getting more successful."This is Zhang Yu Mei to pass examination to 1994 the daughter of military school to say.This reports chanel handbags reporter, Li Biao,

"1" a project to land

"Investigate" for the first time, Zhang Yu Mei very confidently sits at is driving position, report, drive, slippery, airplane leave the arrows Teng of Xian to get empty but rise.Zhang Yu Mei expertly starts one and other air action, press the No."1" a project to land, succeed, "2", No."3" the project land again successfully.She again replies to fly, airplane according to trying to fly prescriptive action, momentarily ascension, momentarily descend, chanel handbags turn to the left a right side, complete in one breath.
Henceforth of flight history inside, Zhang Yu Mei didn,t meet with a too breathtaking matter.Someone says she is lucky, in fact expert most clear, all of these"so-called in fortune lap"s are what she at peacetime hard study and fly win seriously and hard change comes.
Fall in love to fly one to have 3 people is try to fly a member

She immediately asks to early come to try a husband who fly the troops after going home

In October, 1984, Zhang Yu Mei finally becomes a Chinese head, was also unique the female at that time to try to fly a member.
The female airplane pilot is"in fortune lap" riddle
Zhang Yu Mei from"Anne-26" change "luck-7" airplane behind of the first try flying the lesson eyes is performances airplane of"carry a lotus table(airplane work it what zero partses are subjected to Be various to carry the process that the lotus changes with time)" experiment.Next after reaching a task, decide to make one old to try to fly a member to take her first to fly in regiment.She immediately asks to early come to try a husband who fly the troops after going home:"Is all each to try to fly member to want to take to fly while flying this lesson eyes?After the answer of "can also not take and fly after getting", Zhang Yu Mei finds out a regiment leadership:"The male comrade can not take, I also need not take, chanel bags I can fly!"

Can this didn

In the subsequent years, Zhang Yu Mei for many times carry out urgently, difficult, insurance, heavy of task, and quickly become an excellent female airplane pilot, was subjected to hair Ze east chairman, week boon to the premier is benignity receive.
The head female tries to fly a member technique ability the unlike male is bad
"China is trying chanel handbags to fly to have no female in the member troops is a regret.There is no precedent, I wish the first to eat crab."In 1984, China flies to experiment institute for research when the some conveyance machine troops chooses to adjust to try to fly a member, Zhang Yu Mei is lover Yan is giving up a dollar is picked out and adjust into some troops work in Xian.And Zhang Yu Mei Be also unwilling to fall behind, put forward new"challenge" to oneself.
When Zhang Yu Mei formally flies to experiment an institute for research toward China to put forward application, have lead think that China tries to fly a history the top didn,t°yet is female to try to fly a member of precedent, again say, a female comrade also not management, advise her to give up this kind of viewpoint earlier.Can this didn,t make Zhang Yu Mei low-spirited, she said:"My technique, ability all unlike male comrade bad, pass completely can attain to try the standard of flying the member hard."

More than 30 farmer work representatives the Fen joss-stick kill a chicken fiesta to do obeisance before this statue

Is a thoroughly the person worked hard in the outside for a year and returned to of but is on having an ice-cold corpse, -how should hand over to treat toward his home town elders!
Lens two:In order to beg for a salary, the farmer work does obeisance river god to beg to show supernatural power
In October, last year, at Zheng Zhou Bei view area in suburb garden there is a river god general statue in the doorway, more than 30 farmer work representatives the Fen joss-stick kill a chicken fiesta to do obeisance before this statue.They want to let the river god show supernatural power, beg for salary success for them and go home to grow an autumn.
The farmer works of worshipings is doing a certain"put Yu to reinforce engineering" of big dike of yellow river for 2005-2007 chanel purses years, but deserve of 6,750,000 dollars wages but be born debt up to now.In the interval, January, 2009, they once bore debt of was matter unit to tell the hospital in new country City, "but until now, opened a two court and hadn,t announced verdict".The medium chanel purses mark of the engineering square, building square for why bear debt of explanation, each say each reason, listen to up all ample very, the responsibility pushes back and forth, problem where unexpectedly became careless Zhang"Yuan have no head, the debt is ownerless", then had an act that the yellow river near the bank probably also focuses attention the people of this world the people.

T been putting the benefits of farmer work in the mind and even considers as the object that the dish shells to the farmer work

"A die three severely woundeds", another set makes people touch an eyes shocking number.Today that values a farmer work benefits in the national height why also tragic incident like this happens?Our farmer work why still keep being humiliated, still keep being oppressed, still need to use tears of blood and even compensate then life can get hold of originally belong at own hard-earned money?
Before begging for a salary, the owner has already owed big wave they"wages of quite a few month".It is thus clear that, this owner early becomes accustomed to and bears debt, hasn,t been putting the benefits of farmer work chanel handbags in the mind and even considers chanel purses as the object that the dish shells to the farmer work.What is the purpose of bearing debt ?Not just wanting to pay less one is some!But the farmer works exactly drive bear debt a few month wages, until prepare to go home celebrate the New Year, just think of "beg for parlance", there in no don,t say to is a kind of woe.The wages originally should deliver punctually of, bear debt for a month should"beg for parlance", if is a factory inside, the workers early make the Fei Fei Be getting more satisfied.But the farmer works are minorities community, they the power list dint Gu is undoubtedly a Dou however the owner of black heart of.This needed department concerned to appear publicly to help.But where are ours "department concerned"s ?Free to a black heart owner like this to exist, with as for make a human life, this is not"department concerned" of delinquent in duty?

" The big wave painfully recall to say

Lens a:The Chinese New Year begs for the salary"a die three severely woundeds"
20104:00 p.m. on December 26, Guangzhou, come from Long in Hunan back of big wave and they a few person of hometowns seek owner"beg for a salary" together, unexpectedly the owner is cruelty, shout loudly to lambaste, both parties fought more than a hour to have no fruit.Is proper big wave when their a few migrant workers prepared to return to abode the owner chanel bags who become angry from embarrassment unexpectedly made more than ten hatchet man hands hold iron staff to beat to come over."We had no inch iron at that time, don,t ward off at all of dint.Remembers that the sickbed chanel purses that oneself is head has already lain on the hospital while being beaten several bottoms by the iron staff to faint, waking up ascends." The big wave painfully recall to say.

The harassment of family crisis

As far as cause extreme worry and distress think of home of feeling, think close feeling, also have the Lao wound the molestation of the slight illness, the harassment of family crisis, the worried etc. of marriage, the pain-suffering in the heart has again who understand?Again to who tell?When their legal rightses were subjected to infringe upon, again protest have no according to, complain have no door, can not find a normal benefits expression method.
The farmer work begs for salary tragedy when no longer present to public?
Nearby celebrate the New Year, in the outside toil a year of the farmer workses prepare to step on way home again.Drifted on water in the outside for a year, bear with the weariness from overwork of body and think of home of endure long hardship, finally wait until the day that can go home to relax for several days.But, but the owner bore debt quite a few month wages, oneself is two hands were all empty how can return to?Bleed sweat but could not take wages, the reasonable begs for a salary to be forced to kneel chanel bags down ……