Thursday, January 13, 2011

After receiving and plea for help

On August 23, 2009, Hong Kong merchantman seaman Zhang Zhen Lin is loins seriously sprains, to is providing Chinese vessel escorting to ask for help for it.After receiving and plea for help, the vessel conductor member orderanies 3 medical personnels to constitute to cure a group and takes a helicopter to go to save to cure.The medical personnel adopts the method help of tuina massage to get hurt first seaman to carry on the waist Zhui position instauration to adjust a reason and adopt acupuncture and pull out later on Chinese medicine skills like fire bottle,etc to carry on a treatment to the location of injury and get rid of sufferer blood clot inside the body.After more than two hours of comprehensive treatment, get hurt the seaman loins ache of Zhang Zhen Lin to get to obviously alleviate and control.

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Much worther money than you

8:00 A.M. allows, old Wang a person alone goes to public security room, at this time in came together 78 public securities.Old Wang Cheng , he wants to demand the expenses of injecting the crazy dog vaccine from the other party and lead the way of public security captain but declare:"Do you still contuse my dog, my dog is very valuable, much worther money than you."
Talk Long not under, the other party public security is knocking down old Wang is in the ground.After more than 10 minutes, old manual worker Wang arrives after hearing the news and report to the police, hit persons public security have already broken up in a hubbub at this time.
Hit persons:
He walks to walk of road
Yesterday afternoon, was one emergency room in the hospital at the city, the old eyes Wang is extravasated blood, mouth was swollen to get old Gao.The doctor says that sufferer the left shoulder possible bone fracture, the ear Chong blood, body up many places gets hurt and needs a hospitalized observation treatment.

The accident took place

The worker is bitten by the dog at work
Person old Wang in Hubei does mire tile work in rainbow road one building land.6 points allowed yesterday morning, he was like usually similar walked to the workplace.When walk at start construction several-storied building flank, the accident took place."The big dog of a per meter many Gao behind rushes out from me all of a sudden."Lend shining old Wang to see two big german shepherds that that is the workplace security corps to is used to watch the house to protect a hospital.He frightens lower the head to start to grasp a piece of rock to throw in the past, the german shepherd was anti- to rush toward, because of being done not succeed by the fetter check and supervision.
Old Wang hurriedly leaves.Arrived to go to work after the location, he took off pants to look into, at it the left hip impressively appeared a few teeth to print under.He seeks person is negotiation of security corps, because of representative director not at don,t fruit.

Liu Yi photographs to report clearly) is bitten by the dog

This time, the wealth and properties covalence of Liu Mou is thieves and burglars, being worth CNY 15000 dollars is or so, may be penalized three years above and 10-year following imprisonment for a specific term by law.
Fan Li Peng Hao
(Responsibility editor:Item 劼 )
Old Wang is mouth is swollen to get old Gao.
Bad host:"My dog is worther money than your person"
The worker is claimed and encountered to suddenly and violently beat after biting by the dog
After this report Xun(reporter, Zhang Xue Bin, , Liu Yi photographs to report clearly) is bitten by the dog, Nu but throw a brick Nian dog, dog host but call, "the dog is much more expensive than your gold".Allowing at 6:00 early yesterday was one building land at the Chan city area rainbow road, a worker was bitten by the dog while going to work and and encountered public security to suddenly and violently beat while claiming.The police has already got involved a survey currently.

Liu Mou came out jail front door for the 5th time

At the end of 2009, Liu Mou came out jail front door for the 5th time, the Dragon Boat Festival in those early years that very day slipped away to Wu Jiang is a company office and stole a purse, in have 6000 dollars.
The Liu Mou Da Dun is hand big feet start to spend money, in less than a month, the pocket saw bottom again.In July, those early years, Liu Mou and then stole one set notebook and a cellular phone to don,t arrive with low price jilting of 2000 dollars to sell.
These money is basically not enough to Liu Mou to spend, have no several day he stole 7000 diverse cashes in another office of company again.Liu Mou leaves these money slowly a flower, but more than 3 months passed by, money in the hand spent also about.
Winter arrive and passed the winter to need a cold resisting expenses, Liu Mou of"being compelled is helpless" decided to again make moves, but what to have never thought is the target that hasn,t found out to start be patroled of the police arrested, originally police early and doubt before of a few theft cases are Liu Mou dry of, early controled to catch him for the cloth, if not that Liu Mou him/herself is honest, have never come out to commit crime for a few months, otherwise have already been held tight.

But still don

Currently, this case still in the middle of investigating further.
(Responsibility editor:Item 劼 )
A year only 31-year-old man, previous in the decade inside already for 5 times because make thieves and burglars be sentenced by the court to wear the stripe a reformation, but still don,t think to repent, recently again on suspicion of thieves and burglars drive river City Wu check a Cha hospital by law approval arrest, waiting for his will be the sixth-time verdict of law court.
31-year-old Liu Mou hasn,t become a house up to now this year.In 2000, Liu Mou because of make thieves and burglars be penalized imprisonment for a specific term for two years and six months by river City Wu is court, but wear the stripe reformation to the slightest have no effect to him, the jail is behind soon again stretch thief is hand, in a little while again because of make thieves and burglars be judged to wear the stripe.Short short 10 years, Liu Mou has already been judged for 5 times by the court and also goes to jail to reform for 5 times.

Monday, January 10, 2011

After case delivers

The indictment then calls that Chen Jian Xiong, Chen Xue Xiang and soup Chi Hui and Lin Yao Hui et al namely come forward to hold tight Li Mou and hold Xie as to it is carry on beat°upping and bind, to Li Mou is wound weighs to die.Be authenticated by legal medical expert, Li Mou fastens the quilt bluntness machine violent function head and results in greatly, cerebellum extensive sex spider is web film bottom chamber issue of blood, cause the central nervous system function crock up to die.
After case delivers, Chen Xue Xiang reports to the police and stay on the spot, behind be brought back by public security official is personnel, Chen Jian Xiong, the soup Chi Hui case hair behind escape, behind be arrested respectively.
The court affirms:The injury forcible rape suspect also wants a load of responsibility

The mother takes the lead when the street kills "bad egg"
Chen Xue Xiang is one list body mother

Text:This reports reporter is Lucifer Liu
The affairs time puts:The mother takes the lead when the street kills "bad egg"
Chen Xue Xiang is one list body mother, contain Xin, a Chinese family name to suffer baby is daughter the small Qian(use alias) keep greatly.However, July 10, 2009, but baby is daughter tell her, oneself is raped by Li Mou in dawn, Chen Xue Xiang reports a case to public security official is organization later on, and take people Jing to collect evidence to the guest house.
The one family still get angry with difficult even, but Li Mou"stubborn" ground of harassment telephone for beating, say to wrap to keep her, also the request meets again.Spirit emit smoke of Chen Xue Xiang then then negotiate how to arrest with Chen Jian Xiong and teach this"bad egg".
On July 11, 2009, small Qian about Li Mou get to Long Jin Dong road neighborhood in Guangzhou.That day about 3:00 p.m., after Li Mou drives to arrive, Chen Jian Xiong, Chen Xue Xiang and Chen Jian Xiong is before the event are invited to help of soup Chi Hui and Lin Yao Hui(another case indictment) et al namely come forward to catch a person.Li Mou after flouncing the desire succeeds in escaping, but panic the ground that don,t choose road crash into a bus.The side of Chen Xue Xiang makes track for side to round a view the crowd cry about"the nonage of my daughter was raped!Grasp to rape to make quickly!"

Got judge for 17 years

Video frequency:The single mother takes the lead to kill to rape a daughter suspect
Mother daughter Yi is "rape" to kill "bad egg" to judge for five years
The mother knows after daughter is raped, the grief and indignation is difficult to be, pulls a younger brother to shout a friend to seek "bad egg" to send a punitive expedition, result but in a"encourage"ing of many crowdses, beat°up "bad egg" to cause death.Yesterday, the case is in Guangzhou hospital a reviewed announce verdict, Chen Xue Xiang makes intentionally the injury got Xing for 5 years, its younger brother, Chen Jian Xiong, made intentionally injury and illegally held drug two offenses, got judge for 17 years, penal servitude, together case person soup Chi Hui then get Xing for 12 years, deprive political right 4 years.3 people still need to compensate the victim family members, economic loss to be close to 500,000 dollars.

The small Hui takes orally an enemy enemy to fear 200 milliliters

301 a famous doctor of the hospitals living to tell a reporter, the small Hui takes orally an enemy enemy to fear 200 milliliters, while hospitalizing heavy degree obfuscation, empress through diagnosis is heavy degree organic Lin poisoned.Doctor suggests that he/she turns a hospital to carry on a high-voltage oxygen treatment, he had better cure at the hospital, otherwise will have life dangerous.
"We really could not bore ……" Gu is beautiful to helplessly say.
Author:Xiao Yue
(Responsibility editor:Hou extraordinary talent)
[Brief summary] single mother, Chen Xue Xiang, keep baby is daughter greatly, but hear daughter is stating personally for a day her was raped;In the process of pursuing a suspect, Chen Xue Xiang and younger brother, friend, and strangers carried on to beat°u to the suspect, the after the event suspect dies.The case is in Guangzhou once the hospital review to announce verdict, Chen Xue Xiang makes intentionally injury to get Xing for 5 years …[I to say 2]

The Gu beautiful husband and wife ran out of savings

Through salvage, the life of small Hui is temporarily protected, but it is always placed in unconscious status in.Later on, Zou the super Hui be turned into other hospital treatments, but the circumstance has no improvement.
Zou the super Hui is a rent the 11th of road in four wreaths five bore bridges at the west are inside the market of inside a bungalow.The seller in the market says that cure for giving the Zou super Hui, the Gu beautiful husband and wife ran out of savings, and borrow° from person of hometown ten several 10000 dollarses, the seller also contributed money over 10,000 dollars for them.The Gu is beautiful to say, they really had no money, and could connect out a kid.Because can not independent breath, the windpipe of small Hui is cut open, takes a meal also depend needle the tube infuse the nourishment liquid into the stomach tube.

Tuesday, January 4, 2011

16 excellent business enterprises from 7 province in China area City come to join the exhibition

In June, this year, American judiciary declares to arrest 10 Russian spies who incubate in the country, this"the biggest spy is case after Cold War" causes a sensation in the world.Lately, the Russian local medium disclose, the Russian intelligence report section has already sent death squad, make track for to kill to cause spy the net exposes of"finger man".To this, Putin announces to talk to call on the 16th:"The Russian intelligence report section can,t do such a thing feeling.To those finger men, they eventually will stew in one is own juice."
(Responsibility editor:Zhao Ting)
New China net horse that melon on December 16 give or get an electric shock(reporter, Xu Lei Liu Xuan, ) is promoted for 2010 the middle of the years that the committee(medium the international trade urge a meeting) sponsors by Chinese international trade, the international trade easy exposition is in horse in Nicaragua capital city that melon opening on the 16th, 16 excellent business enterprises from 7 province in China area City come to join the exhibition.

The American solider unmanned machine carried on an air attack to this valley on the 16th and killed 7 armed mens

Pakistan the officials revealed this news.He says that the armed men hides the body in the middle of substituting a big hospital of pulling(Tirah) the rare Pa valley(Sipah) region.The American solider unmanned machine carried on an air attack to this valley on the 16th and killed 7 armed mens.
The Pakistan Anne who would not like to reveal name protects section Gao Guan Shuo:"The American solider unmanned machine shot 2 guided missiles and shot the big hospital of an armed men.Have already confirmed 5 armed mens to be killed, 7 people get hurt."
Other Gao Guan also confirmed this time air attack and death toll.
(Responsibility editor:Zhao Ting)
Win the wide December 17 news in net Peking reports according to voice 《Yang wide news 》 of China, Russian premier Putin said, the Russian intelligence report section couldn,t make track for to kill a few 10 spies"finger man"s who betray an our country before the month, and call that Russia has already given up Soviets period that the method that deals with rebel.

These are the second-time air attack that comes to unmanned machine of American solider to launch to the region for two days

Because Chengdu owns the wild giant panda of the biggest kinds in the world and heavy teach and the giant panda that protects the most advanced technique Be heavy to teach a base, the panda is name card in the city of Chengdu to usually appear in the city is outward each kind of economic cultural interaction, tallest in the oversea approbation, have affinity most .
According to know, the oversea audience gave to compare high opinion to image slice in Chengdu city.An university student praises highly after seeing 《panda article 》 :I originally know Shanghai, Peking to city of China and have never thought China still and have results to show all this very beautiful city, and still the home town of panda.
(Responsibility editor:Zhao Ting)
Win a new net to report according to the dispatches from foreign news agency on December 17, American unmanned machine on the 17th to Pakistan Kai a big hospital of tribe region in Bo Er carried on bombing, killed at least 5 armed mens and contused 7 people.These are the second-time air attack that comes to unmanned machine of American solider to launch to the region for two days.

Up to currently

Chengdu exclusively invited to often get the Chinese young new Rui advertisement of the international big prize and direct Tang Gao Peng and direct 《panda article 》 .The work is delicately humorous, blended an Europe and America advertisement style and Asia to advertise a style.
The leading role panda in the slice from once participated in the Japanese top prop of the prop creation of 《spider Xia 》 master soil well true a ghostwrite.The soil well team spends 4 weather giant panda in Chengdus heavy teach a base research of the facial appearance, body, and appearance...etc. of giant panda, finally the creation completed this panda prop.
In recent years, is Chinese new economy growth the pole and the west greatly develop of engine city, the international influence of Chengdu continuously promotes, up to currently, have already had include English especially son, IBM, Ma Si Ji, Texas Instruments, and Fuji Kang...etc. at inside of 177 family background fields 500 strong come to Chengdu to invest a development.《Blessing cloth Si 》 wrote to call that Chengdu is "the future was 10-year to develop a quickest city in the world" lately, Chengdu was also praised as "Chinese mainland ten greatly and most had an international influence city".

Monday, January 3, 2011

Obviously since want to don

The edition that finally passes according to the congress, from now on the United States will prolong the civil tax reduction special discount that expire at the end of the year for two years again, protect American agency to tax tax rate the bottom adjust for a year and relieve government to the term of unemployed population to prolong for 13 months, and will carry out tax reduction to the investment in enterprise special discount.
Obama is rare while signing bill on the 17th two party the councilman represent to all invite the White House, obviously since want to don,t want to make the Democratic councilman feeling unfrequented towards willing soon control Republican party of House to send goodwill gestures, also.He means that the tax reduction bill is all good matter to all Americans, "this is truely money of the quality goods at reasonable prices, will change the people is life".

Negative effect or exceed short date economy stimulate result

He says that Iraqi aspect has already waits related nation to tell this intelligence report to the United States, the United States has already started interrogating this armed personnel.(The Xinhua news agency special dispatch)
(Responsibility editor:Ma Tao )
Medium new agency Washington on December 17 give or get an electric shock(the reporter is always virtuous Jian) after a series of compromise concede and canvass in shuttling of 2, American president Obama on the 17th finally will one Lan sub- tax reduction the project sign into a method and send "civil tax reduction" Christmas present for people, but the economic personage warns, this undertaking will make American wealth red further worsen, negative effect or exceed short date economy stimulate result.
Obama signs front in less than 24 hours, Lower House passes a tax reduction project by 277-148 ballot outcomes on the dead hour of the 16th and pluses Upper House to already vote to pass on the 15th, after November middle election ended have been quarreling endlessly of tax reduction problem to this dust fall settle.

Press the Hou match because of of parlance

Hou match due to saying the safe troops hunted for to arrest 39 people, including this armed personnel in the activity in the big scope last month.This activity arrests "base" in Anne Ba Er Xing in the west of Iraq is head of group and"is Iraqi Islam country" top brass.
He says that this armed personnel gives an account, "is Iraqi Islam country" is planning and preparing related assault, with after last year December 25 American Christmas deep-fry machine the uncompleted affairs make terror once again behind.
Last year December 25, Nigeria book man Ao Ma Er ·method Lu gram · the Bu Du Lei Mu the tower pull cloth scheme to set off an explosive in flying to the aerobus of the United States."Base" branch in Yemen "claim"s this uncompleted terror raid soon afterward.
Press the Hou match because of of parlance, "exist a certain competition" of each branch of"base".

"if you get a new news concerning the next generation snow Buddha orchid truck

"Pump capital into concentration in the technique realm, financial analyst in order to acquire the best information, you make track for me to rush through, " technique realm analyst is Luo is cloth ·special kindness Lei say, "if you get a new news concerning the next generation snow Buddha orchid truck, I think that the stock can,t change very much.But in the technique realm, a little news can produce very different."(Silicon Valley)
(Responsibility editor:Ma Tao )
A deluxe anti-terrorism officials in Iraq say on the 16th that"base" organizes Iraqi branch to intend to carry out terrible raid in the United States, England and other regions in Europe in the front and back of Christmas.
Iraqi Ministry of Interior anti-terrorism acts representative director Di second ·Hou match say because of the major general, "base" is Iraqi the branch"is Iraqi Islam country" a member provide this terrible secretly plan after being caught.