Thursday, December 30, 2010

Especially the Buddha mountain City of the place bead triangle region

The manufacturing industry predominates Buddha mountain economy
The reform opens, China depends a development to labor an intensive type the industry , on jumping to become a trade export big country in world, even possess the good reputation of "factory in the world", especially the Buddha mountain City of the place bead triangle region, anticipate the city is GDP to amount to about 470,000,000,000 dollars in 2009, take up 15% of triangle GDP of bead around, among them, the scale above industrial total production value approaches 1,200,000,000,000 dollars, "Buddha mountain manufacturing" performs feats.
Although the Buddha mountain is a to take industry as a predominant manufacturing industry city, the its current advantage morely just expresses in the traditional industry, according to the statistics, the traditional industry has all industrial 55%s around, several big support industries are like porcelain and ceramics, spinning, aluminum type material, food beverage, plastics, and appliance...etc., all belong to an intensive type of labor industry, need a great deal of worker.

Oneself to the need used work bigger

Analyze the data of report to suggest according to the Buddha mountain City is 2010 is third quarter is degree human resource occupation supply in the market, this year fourth quarter degree human resource market demands number is 12135 people, seek job a number to only have 3479 people, ask others for help magnification to 3.49.If according to this statistics data analytical, the Buddha labor force missing problem in mountain City has been pretty much serious currently, even if is allly accept appointment be all employed, the business enterprise still has to 60%ly use work indentation.
According to Zhi talented person Buddha mountain branch in market senior human resource adviser analyst is Berlin dragon analyze, at Buddha mountain all professions in, is more opposite than other industries, the manufacturing industry is used work indentation bigger.The main reason lies in, the manufacturing industry belongs to an intensive type of labor industry, oneself to the need used work bigger.The reporter is from the Buddha mountain City 2010 the third quarter degree human resource occupation supply in the market analytical the report understand, the using of the Buddha mountain manufacturing industry third quarter degree work need total number is 6856 people, take up 56.5% of the gross demand.

The business enterprises of above 90% all the existence recruit the phenomenon of work difficulty

(Responsibility editor:Ma Tao )
The migrant worker is monthly salary too low manufacturing industry is used work indentation biggest
Information Times reporter, Zhao Xi Dong,
According to understand, the Buddha mountain migrant worker is reducing by every year 10% amounts, parts of business enterprises appear to use work Huang and especially labor intensive type handicraft to make into an industry.According to statistics a data to keep an estimate for the Buddha human resource market in mountain City two years, the business enterprises of above 90% all the existence recruit the phenomenon of work difficulty, the manufacturing of about above 60% processes a business enterprise in the absence of the labor force results in to start work not enough.
The Buddha mountain super 90% business enterprise recruits work difficult

From now on

The run by private capital hospital will enjoy "national treatment"
Vice- mayoral〃 D in Peking City is facing the sun yesterday the second-time plenary session is at the medicine health coordination commission in capital city up reveal, recently Peking the policy that the set supports development in the run by private capital hospital, the more than 10s in policy opened first river, the run by private capital hospital will enjoy several"national treatment"s.For example can with public hospital similar enjoy a same promotion, title to assess;The revenue from tax will give according to the national policy special discount, give on the funds some in expiation of etc.s.
Moreover, from now on, the run by private capital hospital will also use zero basic medicine of rate of differings and lower a sufferer further medicine fee burden.

Seeking medical advice the card will gradually be replaced

50 x-rated hospitals will push "curing is allied code of"
Don,t cure to protect a sufferer from now on also need not go to a hospital to see a doctor each time all be lining up to fill in the form to do to seek medical advice card, from January, next year, Peking will at 50 x-rated hospitals and 11 suburban area county medical center in the district formally promote "cure allied code" and collect an emergency call to seek medical advice information.In 2012, Peking is second class above medical organization will expand "cure allied code" completely.
At the beginning of this year, city bureau public health start unified bar code work, adopt "cure allied code" and each hospital to seek medical advice the way of card connection unified the patient seek medical advice number.In the future, along with the expansion and use of "curing is allied code of", seeking medical advice the card will gradually be replaced.

Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Eyes are very big

Wen Jia Bao still hangs around the children of the region.The Qing Lake jade tree takes place on April 14 this year 7.Ms 1 earthquake after, rush through Wen Jia Bao who leave for the disaster area on the ruins of jade tree state comprehensive occupation school pick up the lesson that the children scatter originally, the tears cannot stop flows to drip.
Wen Jia Bao cautiously inquires to just win the Cuo"are the children good now""the children is studies arranges this year how", and give repeated advice to just win the Cuo"children is study is the hope of this region".Wen Jia Bao tells audience, he discovers the kid who hides a clan being very smart, eyes are very big, also very bright, he once respectfully dedicated wreath to the victim together with them, these victims and on the hoof people stayed up to now hard forget in his brain.

Before now

"The my meeting responsibility becomes provincial government in Qing Lake the region enlarge rescue to the jade tree, especially supplies and funds, because of soaring of soaring of commodity price, coal price, the crowd is burden aggravates and want to the crowd with adequacy of subsidy."Wen Jia Bao says.
On the morning of the 26th, Wen Jia Bao walks into central people is radio station"the voice of China" to broadcast live and participates in special program 《return disaster area-China of voice warmth activity 》 .This also is premier for the very first time carry on with national audience solid interact exchanges.Before now, Wen Jia Bao was once two to carry on online chat with Chinese government net and new China net netizen.
It has been 50 years since Wen Jia Bao insists listenning to central 《news and newspaper summary 》 of people is radio stations programed, he says, this because broadcast in time, can inform the voice of party and government to the crowd in time as well as in time crowd is request, hope with opinion and deliver to the party and the government.

The jade tree county third finishes small the substitute teacher hiding a clan just win the tent that the Cuo sits an also-ran field temporary setting point inside

Reporter, Li Bin Wang, sets up China Hemingway
The algidity that the deep winter blows is particularly pressing.The genuine feeling of electric wave loading is very warm and fragrant.
"The coal of this year one ton wants more than 1000 dollars and was still more than 800 dollars last year.The jade tree is here 6, will keep warm in July, home a want to burn more than 8000 dollars in winter."Just win Cuo to tell crowd in the disaster area to pass the winter the difficulty for meeting.
"4 · 14" earthquake heavy jade tree county knot in disaster area Qing Lake thou the town, ice snow Ai Ai, invite below zero 26 Celsius degreeses.The jade tree county third finishes small the substitute teacher hiding a clan just win the tent that the Cuo sits an also-ran field temporary setting point inside, interact exchanges while being passing the electric wave of central people is radio station and Chinese premier Wen Jia Bao in State Department actually.

Win the wide December 26 news in net Peking report

Win the wide December 26 news in net Peking report, is more original than the card thunder that December 29 holds in five loose gymnasiums in Peking to pull Si according to voice 《news night high peak 》 of China 2011 welcome the new year singing performance because of in the near future bad weather cancel in Europe.Be subjected to this influence, sponsor a square to decide to cancel this time Peking singing performance.The audience that purchase the ticket already now can at purchase selling of singing performance admission ticket a point carry on a dishonor bill, or stir to make a phone call 400-8101887.
(Responsibility editor:Huang Shan)
New China net Peking gives or gets an electric shock close-up on December 26:Being strict cold is medium of warmth-Chinese premier for the very first time broadcast audience with whole country actually interact exchanges

Wang Qing Fu says that the air-raid shelter that fixed to dig in those early years falls for locally made structure

Wang Qing Fu says that the air-raid shelter that fixed to dig in those early years falls for locally made structure, wanting ~only meeting water to soak very easily the occurrence collapsing.The air-raid shelter has more than 20 rices long, at present, he can use concrete first oneself house the bottom hang and get empty and take place and fall and sink of parts of pits carry on back and fill, but rest part the list is canned not make the whole air-raid shelter carrying on back and fill by their ability of little few inhabitants in the hospitals.Face the air-raid shelter that all probably again takes place to collapse to fall at any time in small hospital, the inhabitants are worry.(Text|seal Zhang Li Nuo, trainee, Wang Jue, , )(source:Evening newspaper in Xian)
(Responsibility editor:Huang Shan)

Monday, December 27, 2010

The officials have courage Nu to scold himself/herself

(Responsibility editor:Huang Shan)
The Nu scolds, usually is those important trouble occurrence after familiar a"scenery", leadership voice color accompany fierce, smell truly Huang truly and perhaps, can after Nu scold, not only handle describe with a delicate touch, and trouble remain hard stop, then is again the Nu scold and circulate back and forth thus and regardless be a matter responsibility person and still keep rounding a view and all gradually become benumbed, secretary Lu undoubtedly ordered the place of vital part.
The officials have courage Nu to scold himself/herself, the key has to have examine oneself of awakening, wrong be good at from oneself of body up sought shortage, checked a key sticking point, not stared at other people first, so-called then first positive F can empress positive person;Have to there is a responsibility taking consciousness, can not always think a dozen the other people is board, oneself when jilt a palm cabinet, push responsibility to take off cleanly.Just can truely find out loophole like this, take into to repair from the each level, link, perfect, can let as well subordinate and the parties concerned have awe and then and hard examine, improvement.

T come yet and did the Nu scold again come together

"The whole work letter department establishes till now, still is shoulding should be placed in this kind of status to the crisis to the sudden affairs."Be candid in saying while accepting an interview in Li Yi, these affairs for coming all of a sudden molding work letter department is a kind of qualities of"facing is difficult but up".
At this time of in the old Li Yi, have been little just some little violent, have to living to meet a containing of troublous times idea in the speech.
Know to retire in Li Yi, a true feelings that net friend left a message to probably reflect the majority, "old waiter, the Xie is Xie".
Author:Sun Gan (source:The Xinhua news agency)
(Responsibility editor:Huang Shan)
Report the 23th on December 24 according to 《newspaper in Henan 》 , on the Wei economic working conference in Henan, the Wei secretary Lu Zhan Gong of Henan is speaking mean while guaranteeing a problem to the safety, the "this year coal mine the safe trouble delivers more, heavy especially big coal mine the safe trouble have 7, the news medium also usually report" so-and-so leadership Nu scoldsSo-and-so", But just the Nu finished scolding again come together, haven,t come yet and did the Nu scold again come together, if the coal mine safety produced again problem like this, leadership can not always the Nu scold other people, the Nu scolds should the Nu scold himself/herself!"(Source:The Xinhua news agency)

Also just not roll call ground criticized

On a meeting, though he is dissatisfied with the progress of iron mine stone negotiation very much, also just not roll call ground criticized, "iron mine stone negotiation very ignore think, not only have no list price power, also have no words power, we are more than 150 business agents and more than 600 steel business enterprises, can a heart".
The earthquake of Wen Chuan, financial crisis, green dam affairs and poison milk powder affairs, until the information-based realm continues to appear of the war, exorbitant price cellular phone of the 3 Qs tiny Bo affairs.The work letter that just established for more than two years department, haven,t completely seen clear its facial expression in the public of, various test and query to arrive in close succession.
In the interval, Li Yi is convenient to come to encourage words"facing is difficult but up, work hard in spite of criticism" of inferiority or be the true portrayal of his heart.

Sunday, December 26, 2010

"The kid doesn

The class doorway of place saw toward down stairs while was living from Wang Tian, a large screen signs by the side of the drill ground and up wrote:"The life is higher than the whole."But the very sweet dead shows us, this sentence is only just a slogan.
"The kid doesn,t know that the own life means what, don,t know vital valuable, this is more outstanding at village family."State City is mental state consults teacher association to consult director, Zhao Hong Mei, in the center to say, carrying on life education to the kid the of the utmost urgency is already."The life is much more than own of", Zhao Hong Mei says, parent and teacher at educate sons and daughters particularly are nonages, should specially emphasize this, "the life belong to love your owner."
Zhao Hong Mei says that suicide and from the mainly mental reason of the Nue is to suppress Yu, negative, from vulgar, mostly come from external environment as to it is of"be not approved feeling"-"educate a kid to cherish life can from make he/she take good care of a little animal beginning.Should make the kid understand life come of not easy, let the kid learn passion life and surrounding thing since the childhood.Feel that the life is happy happy by a kind of mindset of sunlight.These are the whole societieses should participate in an incoming matter, particularly is family and school."

On November 17

Is sweet week sweetly leave, making Shen Xiu Qin a didn,t have rice, the spirit appeared an abnormality and sometimes cried to pour more than ten times for a day.For the verdict of the court, Wang Chang Shui can not accept.On November 17, they to Luan Chuan county the people check a Cha hospital to deliver to "the anti- tells written application" and request to aggravate the pertaining to crime punishment to Zhang Yan Long, and claim for a solatium to rescue the medical expense, funeral fee and death indemnification gold, spirit to comfort total 160,000 dollars of gold etc..On November 27, they know, the case be in court session for the second time possibility in a month.(Text in in addition to Zhang Yan Long, other is all a nom de guerre)
Introspect:Let to comfort to walk into a kid the heart

"That can be not much

In the diary of Wang Tian the reciprocal article 2, she writes a way:"The person always has a dead, only, now advance order.I hope I am clay-cold, Mom and Dad, you don,t want to be sad for me ……"
The criminal gets Xing the third day
Humiliate a young girl to unexpectedly commit suicide
On November 10, the Luan Chuan county court of the people is judging Zhang Yan Long with the rape imprisonment for a specific term is 6 years.After knowing this news, the evening of November 11, the parents told Wang Tian this news.
"That can be not much."It is sweet to finish listenning to say behind.
At 10:00 A.M. November 12, 15-year-old blooming flower season girl, Wang Tian, makes change whole body new dress and drank to second half bottle deadly poison agrochemical ……hence appeared the act of this text beginning.

Make me slowly disappear

School begins after two weeks, Wang Tian goes home on leave.She writes a way in the diary on September 20:"Today is a cloudy day, my mood is also a cloudy day.Think of the scathing vision of father of morning, I want to cry ……once had a meal in the morning, I said to father, I didn,t want to go to school again.The mother immediately stared my one eye.Also the father hurl comes to scathing vision, you not up must also up, I tell you, do you not and last time come to do?……I feel that the parents also ignore to solve me at 1:00, regardless of and my feeling ……this is really too painful.
On September 28, Wang Tian again arrives at a school to have a class.She writes again in the diary:"Say to the teacher at the X my having several stanzas don,t learn and practiced volumes don,t do.The teacher says:Ah, take care of her stem what.On the lesson of English and language lesson, I take a nap a teacher to also ignore me.That a moment, I feel that the in the mind is very sad, anyway, this in this world is many I am an also few, without me an also many, make me slowly disappear."

You will give us four classes of to ask for trouble

In a next diary, she writes like this:"I ain,t really understand, why the classmates say so many strange words.They say, "the somebody else is 34 classes of point protection objects now, we not to be taunted" and"the form master is special to me".Form master why special to me?Because ……Wang Tian, you will give us four classes of to ask for trouble, now, the whole school all about knows that four classes of a girls try to commit suicide, you will give us the class to discredit."
While matching high school interview in the Yu town, the reporter brings up a king very sweet situation, student almost and neither not Xiao.It writes a way in another diary:""Wang Tian, I ask you a words, you don,t get angry.It is said that you were given that by the man?"I ate a surprised, she how can anyone know of, is what form master tells her.He how can so, he promised I don,t say of, the person who is irresponsible and has no reputation ……I dislike him and dislike him."

Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Then I at with this in the light of remuneration

saying and then leave in quick time.Behind that black dress person doesn,t know what he wants to do.Just waited at first.Soon permit good Yu to embrace a box to come in.Put the box to top in the table, open box, an absolute being is shining to rise, illuminated the whole space of blackness, looking at the thing of inside, permitted good Yu to ask a way:"Now this how, as long as making my daughter pretend illness once and say as long as find out a medicine to lead.Then I at with this in the light of remuneration, he will definitely seek.He is that the love treasure becomes fascinated of person, I think will definitely of, my wager!!""Your wager is returning is really very big of, although this thing nobody know is what, only see this vehemence knowing to isn,t the thing of secular world."The black dress man gets hold of his/her own hand to the thing in the box up, look at, lightly say.He feels that this thing is a sky at least, the thing of field, or higher!"The treasure thing can not eat again, river the mountain is much more important than the treasure thing, while pouring river is mountain again hand, also sorrow have no treasure thing?"The words that hear a black dress person permit good Yu to disagree, the treasure thing is again good, also dead, but change come of is a river is mountain."With you, anyway you have no in danger, I can,t make moves, and these are our engagements."Black dress man the treasure thing within handle knob put into box inside, toward to permit good Yu to say:"At give you idea, you want opposite that nation of nfl jerseys idea, they with segment there is marriage in the house, if know your soldier deliver, perhaps will help, don,t see them do a rightness at ordinary times, but all of that is play, they in those early years but at the school good friend, be just for the sake of a women just on bed terms.Fight, but having no dead and injured is miserably heavy, just is playing."Permit the good Yu has the box accepted and towards a black dress point to nod, way:"I knew that I will hard consider of, I walked first, you at discommode for several days, as long as taking down emperor is city, you need not nest was in this place."Finish saying and then embrace box, slowly leave.Looking at to permit good Yu to walk out, that person slowly pulls of mask, the whole faces all harm Ba, is so ferocious, cold-blooded way:"Want to do emperor, you don,t have that life space, silly*!!"Finish saying to put on a mask, disappear in the sky, seem have never appeared similar.On the second day, early in the morning, segment fame start, is practicing his Ling Po Wei to tread in

As long as I take down this river is mountain

station is started and towards to permit good Yu on embracing a boxing, way:"I wait to spare no effort for the emperor no release until death."See 6 people such, permitted good Yu to smile to smile, the station started, that they get to hand, way:"You as long as helping me well, I can,t definitely maltreat yours, total ratio good now, as long as I take down this river is mountain, all of you are one article the big minister Be not three articles any more, four articles.", Way:"Like, you bottom go to, every see this month I make card, you are all good friends with a good arrangement, for the sake of we after, you are getting harder.""That minister etc. excused to leave."6 people noded to excuse to leave, but just asked the person of words at turn round of moment, the facial expression changed of despise, nfl jerseys seem to permit good Yu in the derision.Once 6 people walk and permit good Yu to toward air to say:"You feel this several people how, can,t betray me, if you feel don,t trust of kill for me."The behind this sentence the murderous look is hundred percent by that time, if the ordinary people early frightenned to wet Dang.Permit good Yu after death a burst of air motion, a black dress man comes out, way:"These 6 people have no problem, I once swept their memories, didn,t discover what excrescent, I feel that you want idea east temple that and just just was born in those early years, I planted on the his hand, don,t say now, the opportunity becomes and doesn,t become this time, be see can control this.Still have is that you have sword absolute being the Class of the person does a powerful supporter.Can drag along him so."The words that hear that black dress man, permit good Yu wrinkly eyebrows, way:"You are to say that he was already sword absolute being, I where of sword absolute being powerful supporter, see to this affair is returning is really a little bit tough, you say to lead to open him to go not, in this month in, want ~only he no longer, we beat descend imperial palace, he comes back by that time, the imperial palace was also ours, we are widely recruiting monk, perhaps can lead to sword saint by that time, the sword saint all after death has sword absolute being by that time...."The momentary permitted good Yu to have improper thoughts."Cough."That person of side see cheap nfl jerseys the appearance of permitting the good Yu cough a , way:"Problem be you how lead to open him, you aren,t his dad again, his dad is words does he not necessarily listen to, besides is you."Listen to the words of finishing the black dress man, permit good Yu to contemplate, an on every occasion, the black dress man doesn,t bother as well and just wait in the part, he knows to permit the good Yu is thinking a problem, and he knows to permit the good Yu thinks a problem not to like to be bothered, these are many results that the in the last yearses get along with, permit the personalities of good Yu, and he is clear.After a long time, permitted good Yu to wake up, deeply take a suck at spirit, seem foot the decision is similar, stand to start, way:"Put together, you waited me for a while."Finish

Scheme house

permits good Yu, permitting good Yu not the heart of minister already for a long time, segment day is going is one don,t nfl jerseys have opportunity stroke, there is no evidence, have to allow to permit good Yu to continue overbearing.Just that servant walked into and towarded to permit good Yu, way:"Lord in the house, according to the dependable news, the dead of the small young master with take seriously a prince to contact very much, someone once saw, small at the time that young master died, prince is segment praised just in that illustrated store.Nowadays in this world, in addition to prince didn,t dare start to the small young master."The words that hear that servant, permit the look in the eyes of good Yu obviously be a cold, he no longer thinks to be enduring now and endure so long, own grandson also to endure to die, after permitting a house to break, now that time is waiting an inside should outside match and with one action take down the time of the dynasty of an emperor.Toward that next person a wave hand.Way:"You right away quick Ma Jia Bian, fill and give° the person there me to bribe and give me the battalion to open a new road to the side, if you can work well this matter, I seal you by that time for found a nation eminent contribution."The words that permit good Yu are undoubtedly a kind of stimulant.That person kneels on the ground right away.Way:"The emperor trusts, the tiny minister goes now and wait the good news of tiny minister."Finish saying and then left a ground floor in quick time.The good permits good Yu and strove for power to usurp throne already and plan quite a few for year and finally cannot helps but now!!Once that next person walk and permit good Yu to include those six people and all smiled, smiling the next person was reasonable, knew to see the breeze making rudder.Be unlikely to turn over a ship."I wait to also pay respects to an emperor."6 people stand to start towards seeing one eye, suddenly at the same time and kneel in the in front of permitting the good Yu.Permit good Yu very comfortable heart, touched touch a beard, once two hands flick, the spirit of tortoise to the utmost shows, way:Once the words in"even body, " export, permit good Yu to feel oneself whole body very light."Many thanks to long live Ye."6 people sit properly, one among the stations is started and towards to permit good Yu to ask cheap nfl jerseys a way:"We when send army, also know a meeting we are a , by that time match the battalion go on expedition."This person be permit good Yu of get dint pupil, Zhang Guo Liang!Military house.Scheme house.The text chapter 42:A day eye(beg to collect, recommend)Permit good Yu dead to die of stare at that person, then slowly of, way:"A month later today.The that time is the day that our soldier delivers an imperial palace, a month, be good enough to let I adjusted those soldiers to the border town to come, at that time world be I permit a house of, you will be a hero and found a nation an elder statesman!!"Make reference to to permit good Yu here is the heroism of the one face.Seeming the world was already his.But may??Again the 6 people

The inside isn

women say:"Baby has to miss me.""Pei!"The moxa evil spirit son towards fame,Pei, a , then say:"You don,t see your own appearance as well, this young lady just can,t have a liking for you."But the moxa of part is beautiful but have no this brave, just one face of abashed red.After all being the woman of gentle and soft type isn,t a like this violent moxa evil spirit son woman again.Hence the segment praises a heel several females*, not very natural and unrestrained, but he doesn,t know, in the prime minister mansion, is hatching a scheme at this time.Prime minister mansion, empress the mansion a rockery underneath, the inside isn,t solid, but empty, at the right moment have a servant facing at this time in walk.The his hand lifts lantern, sees him light in top in the rockery a twist.The rockery incredibly slowly opened.Immediately after and originally the place of rockery appeared a big hole.The inside still has stairs, Authentic NFL Jerseys the stairs up have some wet mud, know on seeing someone just went in.That servant went in, the rockery also resumed original appearance, in this ground floor, an open widely table in front.It is there being quite a few individual measuring at the company at this time.The prime minister adult permits good Yu just and therein, he sits at start of seat of host top, below the both sides sits three people respectively.These six people are in fact ministers in the house that permits good Yu, a courtly person in the outside, but is all person whom he

Monday, December 20, 2010

"In case that Tang Yin passes not to put remaining still or kills remaining still

cluster of) of cluster:54912346, recruit a VIP member, enter cluster piece diagram!The importation pursues a wave while adding a group of verifications member!The author doesn,t go into!Tang Yin at difference boundary 2 flock(is deluxe cluster of) of cluster:22333019, the author doesn,t go into!The second gathers chapter 26Zhang Bao accepts a horse and accepts knife, other breeze soldiers imitate in succession, rather king bodyguard in the court originally wants to approach Tang Yin and doesn,t arrive a somebody else not to say as a result and return drive the other party grab along with carry of war knife.Wait an under charge is person the war Ma Qian is time, Tang Yin holds remaining still of neck, the list hand lifts him to across a war horse.Need not he hair words, Zhang Bao et al also follows the last horse in succession, then the vision together see toward Tang Yin, wait him next move of order.Last Ma Hou, Tang Yin lays down horizontally remaining still at the saddle on, immediately after drink a way to the Yuan Kui:" Let you of the under charge person step aside, I want to pass.""That my house is his highness ……""Ensured a safety after etc. passes, I will put him back naturally!"Tang Yin says.The Yuan Kui roars way:"I with what believe your words?!"In case that Tang Yin passes not to put remaining still or kills remaining still, that he seeks who cheap nfl jerseys say a reason?Tang Yin Song shrugs shoulders and says:"If you don,t believe, I can,t also, that I can perish together with nfl jerseys him."Say, he by hand wins bridle to carry on the back after taking out beat two times remaining still of.The strength that he uses isn,t big, but remaining still don,t fight to excel ground to send out to kill piggish bellow, the arms and legs dance moves, way Ai:"Do not kill me!Don,t kill me-"Brought up by indulgent parents remaining still, the peacetime lives in the palace, is held to protect, which see through now like this appearance, have been already frightenned of scare to death, six absolute beings are ownerless.He roars a way:"The Yuan Kui presses what he saids to do, quick do according to what he said!"The head of Yuan Kui a burst of headache, remaining still shouts oneslef hoarse of shout a voice also noisy of his head mix to strach of, can not figure out replies of plan.Finally, he is

Which can can not tell their intention

many horses to do what?"Yuan Kui doesn,t understand that the ground asks a way."Little useless talk!"Tang Yin drinks a way:"Do according to my words, unless you want to make him die!"While speaking, he still pushes to push forward remaining of the in front.Is from birth, the Yuan Kui still once Authentic NFL Jerseys was never forced by person, burning with anger in the chest, the of two eye spirits is red, but take Tang Yin to have no a way again, he isn,t likely to neglect and remaining still of life but impulse make moves."Press what he said to do, saddle a horse!"The Yuan Kui has never liked spirit ground to roar low a way."BE!Yuan general!"Along with in response to the words voice, underneath of rather the soldier quickly lead long 30 war horses, is just intending to send to the front of Tang Yin Jin, but Wang Ting is bodyguard jumped the gun to once connect to fight a horse and walked to Tang Yin.Their plan take send to the opportunity of horse to approach Tang Yin, the opportunity to seek suddenly begins, it is next in importance to can harm the other party to pour, and the key gives relief to prince is his highness first.Tang Yin namely the cleverness again born nature is distrustful, which can can not tell their intention.Have never waited the other party to lead long a horse to approach, he compete first yells to stop a way:"You stop!"Immediately after, to nearby of the under charge brothers say:"You come over Ma Qian and conveniently check for a while and see have a problem, don,t let the other party begin.""Is understand!"At this time, more than ten breeze soldiers also all saw out, China dress youth affirmation made by Tang Yin is a very important person in camp of cheap nfl jerseys enemy, and otherwise the other party can,t go along with every wish to Tang Yin is words.Their courages are gradually big, slowly walk up the other party.Zhang Bao is speed most quick, lead off to get in touch with an enemy, he strengthens courage from rather the country is bodyguard once connected to fight a horse of bridle, see the other party although the horizontal eyebrow cold eyes, gnash teeth in hatred, don,t dare to move oneself is very small amount, in his

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"Daddy was had person to once seek me for this period of time

youself and stop being blind to run.""H,m.Many thanks to teacher, my meeting of."While fixing following with eyes of Luo, the star Yu left.BE fixing Luo just and sitting down soon, still was enjoying in retrospect to emphasize back past ground of of warm and fragrant felling, Authentic NFL Jerseys the star evil spirit broke a door but went into, this destructive power than just of the star Yu is still strong.There being no lockup door is poured on the ground by a feet Chuai, then she cried to hurtle into and fix the bosom of Luo in.Is current of fix Luo have already compared a star evil spirit Gao Chu greater half head, he sees a circumstance like this, don,t know as well how do well, can instinctively embrace a star evil spirit and touch her head.At this time, the father and her younger sisters of star evil spirit are on the whole to come back, ability of star evil spirit, run speed to want more beautiful than star with star clearly quickly get much, so they 2 woulded not° until now just appear.See after father appear, star evil spirit fixed Luo to draw in his/her own room, then closed door.The star sees his/her own daughter clearly, now emotion such concussion, it is 2 people to don,t also bother to fix Luo and star evil spirit."How exactly star evil spirit?How to just go out a short while to become so?"Fix Luo to ask just in the star evil spirit that he weeps over in the bosom.Star evil spirit cry good short while, just slowly steady lived own emotion, then she speaks the process of settling a dispute the feeling.After leaving a house, she and the father and younger sisters went to a teahouse, the star evil spirit asks him of father is way:"Daddy was had person to once seek me for this period of time?""Have no, you leave so long, how can someone seeks you."Star clearly answer way.The star evil spirit says:"The affair is such, two of my companions are in a task and lost contact with us, we said at that time okay, if lose contact, was my house to leave a contact method, seeing to them 2 was to run in to bother."The star says clearly:"Waited you to told me they are two detailed circumstances, I send a person to check for you.""Okay."The star evil spirit answer way."Star evil spirit, come back to have behind this time what plan?"The star asks a way clearly."Our engagement gathers 3 years later so much, then continues to explore, so within these two years, I am good friends with good strengthen real strenght, be unlikely to hold back when the time comes."Xing Mei says and is full of selfconfident smiling face on the face."Star evil spirit, your natural endowments, combining isn,t suitable for to walk this road, the you should know of, you are 20 years old, don,t fantasize this kind of again now practical matter not, and you thus in the outside, the father will really

One is clearly what star lives

father, their mother very early front die, but 3 small rooms on this hall side are the bedroom of their house, one is clearly what star lives, an is this to the sister of, also have a then guest room.The destiny plays joke on a chapter 75 political marriageWhen this 3 people chat, the front door was suddenly bumped to open, luckily the door didn,t lock, and otherwise the door is about to sacrifice in a heroic way.Being blunt is incoming of the person is a star Yu, he hurtles to the in front of fixing Luo and hands to fix Luo is double shoulder to say:"Is fixing Luo really you?Did you really came back?"Fix while leaving Luo only has 12 years old, now already 16yearold he, it is very big to change within these 4 years, light the head grow to have more than 20 cms."Is my teacher yes."Fixed Luo to prepare to think a lot of situations that time and star Yu meet, once thought as well numerous time and star Yu want to say after meeting what, but at this time, he what rubbish also cans not says it, concussion and happy tears tears overflow."Too like, you came back on the whole, really and too good."The star Yu also a little bit talks incoherently, a strength ground says too well.At this time, the star evil spirit on their side is a NBA Jerseys , have already withdrawn a house, give this spares a space of conversation to the teacher and pupil.Fix Luo is telling star Yu first with the conversation of star Yu, his no longer minding is expeled this affair by the star house, then he says the career in these several years and finally tells the star Yu the viewpoint of oneself is in the mind, is also, want the viewpoint of the ability of carrying on selfdiscipline of continuing."H,m, I am very happy, these several years inside, your mind and bodies all grew up and started having oneself is viewpoint, since you come to a decision so, that teacher I am responsible for contacting a good college for you."The star Yu says."That this matter bothered you, teacher."Fix Luo to say."H,m, I once said clearly with star, let you lived first in him this, you see how?Because, my father may have some prejudice to you, I need a little times to change his viewpoint."The star Yu says.After seeing and fixing Luo to nod, the star Yu immediately after says:"That I walked first, the home had some a matter, moreover, wait an affair on hand processing good, I will help you contact college and waited everythings to all complete satisfactorily, I came to see you again.You take good care of

The house spread a voice from the inside

identities, but, Authentic NFL Jerseys the reality is ruthlessness, can enjoy honor in the star house brings of material treatment of, only the Di fastens of those people is just.Our these persons who divide inheritance has never entitled to enjoy those.Good.Is quick into the house."The star evil spirit says.After the star evil spirit pushes away a door, the house spread a voice from the inside:"Is an elder sister back?"Then, a blooming flower season young girl appears at fix Luo and the in front of star evil spirit, this person is younger sister is star of star evil spirit beautiful, with fixed Luo to once see 2 times, those early years, if isn,t her doing a chemical element test to stars house, probably, fixed Luo and then dided not proved his/her owned opportunity, so can say like this, this young girl changed the destiny of fixing Luo."Long time no see the star is beautiful, at the time that I left you were only 14 years old, these two years of variety really big, more and more beautiful."The star evil spirit says."Have no an elder sister beautiful."Star the United States ashamedly says.Hear two women folks is discussing this, on the side of fix Luo a bit embarrassed.At this time, star hair care now fix Luo, she cautiously looking at to fix Luo, then says:"The friend who is you?Elder sister.How do I feel that he have a little familiar looking.""See me, give° this matter to forget, this calls to fix Luo, you should still remember him, in childhood you or did together MLB Jerseys with him of chemical element test, I still remembered that you ran back at that time and said his time of the affair of whole attributeses with me, that concussion of appearance.Ha ha!"The star evil spirit greatly says with a smile.Star the United States is in fact still very deep to the impression that fixs Luo, she just felt this person to be like to fix Luo very much, is that she doesn,t dare to recognize indiscriminately, now in the adjusting of star evil spirit under the Song, her face doesn,t aware of self a ground of red get up, say:"Elder sister don,t blather."After, 3 people then sit the table is ex to chat, talked of mainly is a star evil spirit, she at tell a star the United States this several in the last yearses she of career.In the dialogue, fix Luo to understand, they two sisters only have a

I this notifies he

inside, father is missing you every day, shows father, are you getting more emaciated?"The star goes up and downs clearly, left or so rightly and carefully looking at his this baby is daughter.The star evil spirit gets into the news of breeze book city, the nature is that momentary spread to a star clear this, hear toward thinking after the daughter whom the Mu thinks come back, he immediately ran out from the home and feared an evening one step, the daughter ran away again."Daddy, you don,t be like this not very good, my friend is here."The star evil spirit dissatisfiedly says.After hearing the star evil spirit hair words, the star just notices clearly, the opposite of the star evil spirit still sits a person.The star evil spirit once pulled to fix the father cheap nfl jerseys of Luo to him to say:"I joined a mercenary soldier regiment after leaving, he was the chief of our regiment, as for his name, you affirmation once hear, he call fix Luo, is the ability of that whole attributeses."After hearing the introduction of this star evil spirit, the star loudly says clearly:"Fix Luo?Does the disciple that the star Yu clan grows fix Luo?"After seeing and fixing Luo to nod, the star says clearly:"Too like, you incredibly and the star evil spirit came back together, these several years, star Yu the clan is long have been having a parties of the person nfl jerseys seek you, I this notifies he, you came back, he will definitely very happy of, star evil spirit, you take to fix after finishing eating Luo sits for a while at our house, I am right back."Say, he outside runs to the door."I didn,t fool you, your teacher has been being seeking Authentic NFL Jerseys you.You see my daddy is appearance, does he seeing you is stiller happy than seeing me."The star evil spirit says."H,m, that we eat good quickly return to."Know own teacher, incredibly and really at always after looking for oneself, fix Luo to want to see the heart of star Yu to also become anxious.After seeing the house of star evil spirit, fix Luo to have a little surprised, he has ever been to the house of stars, that is a big courtyard that can make him get lost, although star evil spirit is divide inheritance, think at him come, should be a not small house hospital, but, is 1 in his in front now, can not compare usually a somebody else greatly how much of house."How?Whether feel with the difference in the imagination very greatly, this also no wonder that, in regard to the position of star house, this house is really out of accordance with our

So the person who occasionally can see a star house

recruit to dismantle to recruit when the time comes."Fix Luo to say."H,m, so you don,t also think more and think to be again much also useless."The star evil spirit says."Thank."Finally, two process some kind of travels are weary and tired, nfl jerseys arrived at breeze book city, had already led time of lunch at this time, under the proposal of star evil spirit, they two decision go first to have meal, then return to star house.Fix although Luo comes to breeze book city, however that time of he only has 5 years old, and in addition to stars house, he which have never been to, so at this time, he can follow a star evil spirit to walk, but fix Luo and discover, inside the city almost the owners will nod to the star evil spirit point and beat hello with her, hence he says to the star evil spirit:"Your popularity can be really good.Everyone seems to be all to know you."The star evil spirit says with a smile:"Because I am the person of star house."In fact still have reason star evil spirit don,t say, she also the not so good meaning is fixing Luo is in front to say, that be, she from 14 years old rise, is a breeze of book generally accepted city big beauty, although really have among this so a part is lending a star house of head, let her be so quickly been familiar with by everyone.Go out experience and training after two years star evil spirit after coming back, have been 20 years old, now of she, have already got away from one part on the body of childish manner, start becoming qualities, have the woman the flavor, so these and she says "hello" of there is one part being drawn on by her outward appearance among the person of.After finding out a hotel, star evil spirit and fixed Luo to sat into, since then invite theirs, incredibly is the owner of this hotel.In breeze book city, the person of star house is not too will come out to have a meal, this is the stars to sign the next rules, such as have no special circumstances, eat at home, because the stars knows, want to climb with star house of the person is many BE, board out, the owner all generally will don,t need a list for them, the just socalled cannibalism mouth is soft, hereafter may add trouble, so the person nfl jerseys who occasionally can see a star house, the owner came to serve in person naturally.While fixing Luo and star evil spirit 2 people to eat a half, father is star of star evil spirit came clearly and saw him a full face big sweat, appearance pant noisily, should be put out strength to run with all strength, see after the star evil spirit, his tearses all flowed down and said:"Star evil spirit, you came back on the whole, you left of this 2 year

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"A spool of saint area war starts the contract of chapter 1 fetters(bottom)Dusk beard together inside

oneself is also the object that is humiliated in the school, luckily have him those good brotherses is protecting him, otherwise he is basic to be beaten every day.Ling Tian helpless selfridicule way:"Yes, I am so small and weak by myself, how can can save other people again?But.."Ling Tian raises head a hoping of firmness that beard together, even if knowing perfectly welling the way can not save a person also is going to try, this is me, see dead not to save that is the affair that the bastard would do, once traversed also saw a lot of on the news or the television cheap nfl jerseys similar was around rounded a view but done not save by the cluster beat at the old man of person, he cuts up rough very much, he certainly can,t stands by with folded arms, either now, although his clearly possible he will be beaten."Stop!"A spool of saint area war starts the contract of chapter 1 fetters(bottom)Dusk beard together inside, one loses a small figure to appear at beard together and outside, beard together in of the person shockedly looking at to hurtle into a beard together of person, originally they still shocked this year still had a meddlesome person at, this saw laugh heartily more, Ling Tian is looking is also really too frail to stand a gust of wind, first Ling Tian Xi is arm thin leg nfl jerseys of, the skin is pure white of heel woman, at plus Ling Tian wish foppery not, hair chicken the nest is similar, pour is heel mendicant the little kid is general.Ling Tian asked for help of the ray