Tuesday, February 22, 2011

"1" a project to land

"Investigate" for the first time, Zhang Yu Mei very confidently sits at is driving position, report, drive, slippery, airplane leave the arrows Teng of Xian to get empty but rise.Zhang Yu Mei expertly starts one and other air action, press the No."1" a project to land, succeed, "2", No."3" the project land again successfully.She again replies to fly, airplane according to trying to fly prescriptive action, momentarily ascension, momentarily descend, chanel handbags turn to the left a right side, complete in one breath.
Henceforth of flight history inside, Zhang Yu Mei didn,t meet with a too breathtaking matter.Someone says she is lucky, in fact expert most clear, all of these"so-called in fortune lap"s are what she at peacetime hard study and fly win seriously and hard change comes.
Fall in love to fly one to have 3 people is try to fly a member

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