Tuesday, February 22, 2011

The harassment of family crisis

As far as cause extreme worry and distress think of home of feeling, think close feeling, also have the Lao wound the molestation of the slight illness, the harassment of family crisis, the worried etc. of marriage, the pain-suffering in the heart has again who understand?Again to who tell?When their legal rightses were subjected to infringe upon, again protest have no according to, complain have no door, can not find a normal benefits expression method.
The farmer work begs for salary tragedy when no longer present to public?
Nearby celebrate the New Year, in the outside toil a year of the farmer workses prepare to step on way home again.Drifted on water in the outside for a year, bear with the weariness from overwork of body and think of home of endure long hardship, finally wait until the day that can go home to relax for several days.But, but the owner bore debt quite a few month wages, oneself is two hands were all empty how can return to?Bleed sweat but could not take wages, the reasonable begs for a salary to be forced to kneel chanel bags down ……

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