Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Once winning oneself

On February 25, 1995, after completing the safe flight in oneself the 3124th hour, about 50 years old of she stipulates to formally "stop and fly retirement" according to the age.That day, Zhang Yu Mei is eye contains hot tears, the hand is tiny to shiver, slightly clap an airplane of fuselage, slightly stuck a face up ……
At Zhang Yu Mei is in home, the husband is to try to fly a member, seek for the only daughter of the object is to try to fly a member.The whole family has a reunion each time, their topics always can not get away from to try to fly or fly.
But the disease is evil to again condescend to come on her.On January 18 this year, the Zhang Yu Mei old man who be surrounded by the honor left human life."Is a person is the most difficult to win of usually is he or she, once winning oneself, you are also getting more successful."This is Zhang Yu Mei to pass examination to 1994 the daughter of military school to say.This reports chanel handbags reporter, Li Biao,

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