Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Can this didn

In the subsequent years, Zhang Yu Mei for many times carry out urgently, difficult, insurance, heavy of task, and quickly become an excellent female airplane pilot, was subjected to hair Ze east chairman, week boon to the premier is benignity receive.
The head female tries to fly a member technique ability the unlike male is bad
"China is trying chanel handbags to fly to have no female in the member troops is a regret.There is no precedent, I wish the first to eat crab."In 1984, China flies to experiment institute for research when the some conveyance machine troops chooses to adjust to try to fly a member, Zhang Yu Mei is lover Yan is giving up a dollar is picked out and adjust into some troops work in Xian.And Zhang Yu Mei Be also unwilling to fall behind, put forward new"challenge" to oneself.
When Zhang Yu Mei formally flies to experiment an institute for research toward China to put forward application, have lead think that China tries to fly a history the top didn,t°yet is female to try to fly a member of precedent, again say, a female comrade also not management, advise her to give up this kind of viewpoint earlier.Can this didn,t make Zhang Yu Mei low-spirited, she said:"My technique, ability all unlike male comrade bad, pass completely can attain to try the standard of flying the member hard."

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